COVID 19 Testing

COVID Testing

If you are unwell, you must stay at home. Call 000 if you are concerned about deterioration whilst you are awaiting a COVID result or if you have COVID-19.

Call us on 5750 1000 if you are unwell with COVID or unwell and awaiting a COIVD result and our staff will make a tele-health appointment for you. If you are not unwell please stay home and await contact from the department of health.

Alpine Health, Bright Hospital conducts COVID testing- Please click here for more information 

If you are unwell you must stay at home until you return a negative test result. Results can take up to 72 hours to return. 

If you become more unwell while waiting for your results, please call us on 5750 1000 or present to Northeast Health - Wangaratta - 37 Green Street, Wangaratta. 

Alternatively, you can contact the Department of Health and Human Services Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398

Testing Positive

Remember most vaccinated people who contract COVID-19 will have mild symptoms and will not require hospitalisation.

If you have tested positive to COVID-19 you must follow the Victorian Department of Health (DOH) Guidelines on isolation times and when to re-test. 

If you become critically unwell whilst awaiting contact from the DOH please call 000.

Some signs you are critically unwell include:

-increasing difficulties breathing

-intractable fevers which are not responding to simple paracetamol

- Chest pain

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

If you tested positive using a rapid antigen test, you must report your result to the Department of Health online, or call 1800 675 398.

You don’t need to report your result if you tested positive from a PCR test.