COVID Vaccination

Bright Medical Centre is offering both AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.


AstraZeneca appointments:

Available to anyone over 60 and those in priority groups outside these ages.

People under 40 may be eligible after consultation with a GP

Pfizer appointments:

Available to anyone between 18 and 59 are eligible 


To check if you are in a priority group click HERE.

For more information - please see the Victorian DHHS website here


If you are eligible then please book an appointment for the "Covid Clinic".


If you are outside the "age group" you will asked why you qualify as a priority case.

Please do not be offended - this is a government requirement.


If you are over 60 it is not possible to get the Pfizer vaccine.

On the day: 

On arrival you will be given a safety questionnaire prior to being vaccinated. You can also download and pre-complete this form HERE.


We will also notify the Australian Immunisation Register on your behalf.

After your vaccination you must remain at the clinic for 15 minutes.

Don't forget to wear a t-shirt or sleeveless top under your warm coat, so we can get easy access to your upper arm.